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Has the pandemic affected you more than you thought? Are you looking for mental health and wellness tips and resources? It can be tough out there. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University, and Black Health to help you find the mental and emotional support you or a loved one might need.

The Community Mental Health Project is here for you. While everyone can use and benefit from the resources below, this project has been created by and for Black and Latinx/a/o New Yorkers, communities who have experienced the highest health disparities and impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Useful Links


Community Mental Health Project Videos

This includes a series of 10 short animations on a range of topics to help you through the ups and downs you may be experiencing, from feeling misunderstood to overcoming stigma individually and collectively as a community. ​View our videos in English and Spanish and share them with your friends and family! ​Together, we can normalize discussion around mental health.

Let's talk about mental health wellness

Mental Health? Wellness? Mental Illness? Do you ever feel like all of these terms are just too confusing? Find out more about your thoughts and feelings in simple terms.


Life is busy! Sometimes it feels like we can’t spare even a minute for ourselves. But you can’t take care of your family, friends, job, or anything else if you are struggling. Learn some ways to better care for YOU and thrive for the people in your life.


You're not alone: Finding support & resources

Staying connected and social during the pandemic is so important. But it's been tough. It can be confusing to even know where to start! But sometimes, you just gotta take the first step. Check out some easy ways you can get connected.

You don't have to go through it alone: Resources for older adults and seniors

Older adults have had a tough time in the pandemic. Many don’t get to see their friends, family, or place of worship. If you’re an older adult (or have an older adult in your life), find out about resources for how to stay connected in the pandemic and beyond!


Young people seeking support: Starting the conversation

When we’re struggling, one of the most important things we can do is talk to someone. But starting that conversation can be hard! Here are some tips for teens and adults for having conversations about mental health. One conversation can make all the difference.

Interrupting our mental health stigma

What is stigma? How is it harmful and what can we do to change the conversation around our mental health?


Overcoming the mental health stigma we grew up with

This video is made for older adults by older adults. We talk about some of the ideas we grew up with, how they affect our mental wellness, and the ways they influence our treatment of friends, family, and ourselves.

How adults can help or hurt: Listening to young people

The best thing we can do for our teens is listen to them, but starting the conversation isn’t always easy. This video offers tips on how to start a supportive, open conversation with teens about their mental wellness. Being a teen is harder than it looks!


Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on young adult lives

Teens and young adults have had a rough time throughout this pandemic with all the stress, uncertainty, and missed opportunities. It seems like no one can catch a break. If you’re a teen or young adult struggling, know you’re not alone. See people your age talk about their issues and how to address them.

Feeling Misunderstood

“The adults in my life just don’t seem to get me!” Does this sound familiar? Sometimes it can feel like we’re talking to a wall when trying to express our feelings or point of view. This video is here to remind us that we’re not alone and our feelings and experiences are valid!



Community Mental Health Project Book List

The library has many books to choose from, including ebooks that you can check out instantly, as well as books in Spanish and English on a wide range of topics to help you.

These books will be available at the following New York Public Library locations:

Can't make it to one of these branches and want a book delivered to a branch closer to you? Here’s a handy how-to guide for requesting items for pickup.



Resources to Support You

Tap into mental health services, information, and more:



Special Thanks

Community Mental Health Project is a community-informed collaboration between The New York Public Library, Columbia University Department of Psychiatry, and Black Health Inc. to raise community awareness around mental health and highlight resources with a specific focus on Black and Latinx/a/o New Yorkers.

Community Mental Health Project creates opportunities for people to learn and gain mental health resources through animated videos, books, and programs, in English and Spanish. The animated videos give voice to topics surfaced by teens, adults, and seniors in community roundtables.

This program was made possible through support from the Leon Levy Foundation.



Neighborhood Programs

You aren’t alone! Sometimes it’s helpful to connect with others who are going through similar experiences. There’s strength in numbers, right? We’re planning neighborhood programs to help you find the mental support you need to get back to feeling healthy. Watch this space for program dates and details.

Coffee and Conversations

Wednesday, February 28, 2024, 11 AM - 12 PM