Online Resources for Studying for the Citizenship Test

By Alfredo Gutierrez, Coordinator, Outreach Services
August 4, 2020
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With the Library reopening in select locations for grab-and-go service, perhaps you are looking for the resources that were available before the closure. Some of the resources include materials to prepare for the Citizenship Test which normally live in our New Americans Corners. Every branch has one of these New Americans corners, and many patrons find these corners  informative and accessible with everything being in one place and making it easy to find the right information when it comes to Citizenship Test prep. 

While these New Americans Corners can’t be accessed right now while we carefully re-open, it’s important that patrons who are still preparing for the Citizenship Test be as prepared as they can when their appointment comes. To support our patrons, we have compiled some of the resources and materials that are accessible from outside the library. These include links to PDF versions of the pamphlets and study materials available directly from USCIS, as well as some digital databases and resources from NYPL to help patrons study and prepare. 

We hope that these resources continue to support you even during these unprecedented times. 

To access most of the resources listed down below, you will need your library card.

Get a Library Card! SimplyE: NYPL’s E-Reader App
New York State residents are welcome to apply for a library card through our SimplyE app. With your library card you can not only use the resources listed here, but you will also gain access to an array of digital resources, including e-books, audiobooks, databases, and more!

NYPL Virtual Citizenship Test Study Groups 
New at the New York Public Library, you can now sign up for a Virtual Citizenship Test Study Group that are held online and hosted by different branches across our three boroughs. Join other people studying for the Naturalization Test as our library staff go through the 128 Questions, the parts of the test, important vocabulary, and much more. Registration is required. 

Mango Languages via NYPL
Mango Languages is an interactive database where patrons can learn a new language, with robust ESL lessons for many languages including English. With English proficiency being a core part of the naturalization test, this resource can help prepare patrons taking the test in refining their English language skills. 

NYPL Citizenship Resources and Programs
Find information on what resources the New York Public Library has for preparing for citizenship, including books and materials you can check out, web resources, and a list of other organizations who have helpful information. 

NYPL Blog: Where to Practice English (Español)
If you’re looking for more English practice resources other than Mango Languages, the library has compiled a list of free and accessible websites and other resources where patrons can further their English learning. 

LearningExpress Library via NYPL
With your library card you can access the LearningExpress Library, which is a resource with test preparation materials such as e-books, articles, and flashcards. LearningExpress Library also has a practice test to aid patrons in familiarizing themselves with the 100 questions that will be asked at the test. 

Freedom Flix via NYPL
Dynamic e-books from Scholastic that cover a wide range of topics, from American history to the democratic process. Patrons can click on the different topics within the e-books to learn more, and can also have the book read out loud to them. This can be helpful in familiarizing yourself with different ways people speak English. There are also accompanying videos for almost every topic that explain the content. USCIS Citizenship Resource Center
Find information about the requirements for naturalization as well as the process for doing so, directly from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department. This website includes graphics and pamphlets that are informative and easy to read. USCIS 10 Steps to Naturalization
Find a general description of the naturalization process directly from USCIS, including an eligibility worksheet and a document checklist. This page details every step of the process, from determining eligibility to taking the oath of allegiance. USCIS—Study for the Test
Find materials to help you study for the Citizenship Test, from flashcards and other study materials. Some highlights include flashcards for the reading and writing portion of the test, a compilation of the 100 questions that can be asked at the interview, and some videos with an overview of the interview itself. 
Some resources  on the USCIS website include: 

USCIS Practice Test
The civics practice test is a study tool to help you test your knowledge of U.S. history and government. The questions are available  in English or in English with Spanish subtitles. There is an online tool to prepare for the civics portion of the naturalization test.