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Family Ties: A Book List

The holidays are on their way, and nothing says holidays like mandatory time with family! 

Sometimes your family is your rock and sometimes your family is the rock that is chained to your leg after you are thrown in the ocean. Usually they are something in between. I put together a booklist about families; the good, the bad, the creepy and the homicidal. Consider it my holiday gift to you. 

The Talking Dead: A Book List

They might not always be walking, but in the books on this list the dead are always talking. Ten books, in no particular order, where the dead sometimes walk, sometimes talk, and always play a huge part in the story. Books with that perfect eerie feel to get you in the mood for some candy... er, for Halloween I mean—obviously.

Handmade Class Book List.

 a print depicting sitting children, books, chairs, a bench, a doll and a green field.], Digital ID 487798, New York Public LibraryI had a such a great time meeting those of you who came to my class on Friday--thanks for being there and for contributing so much to the discussion. I hope that you'll come back to dig into our collections in the future. In the meantime, as suggested by one attendee, I've put together the following list of magazines and books that I had in the classroom, for your reference:



Bernat's Handicrafter

Embroidery: The Journal of the Embroiderers' Guild

Minerva Style Book

Box furniture: how to make a hundred useful articles for the home by Louise Brigham

Creative hands, an introduction to craft techniques by Doris Cox and Barbara Warren

Hobbies : leisure and the culture of work in America by Steven M. Gelber

Clark's O.N.T. book of crochet and tatting by Frances A. Harris

Clark's O.N.T. "woolsaver" knitting and crochet book by Frances A. Harris

Formschone Lampen und Beleuchtungsanlagen by Gerhard Krohn and Fritz Hier

The simple art of wall decoration by Lois B. Livingston

Home dressmaking; every woman's practical guide to the art of making smart clothes, with chapters on sewing for babies and children, and renovations by Agnes M. Miall

Paper Sculpture by George Arthur Sadler

Paper silhouettes by Mildred Swannell

Another collection of one hundred textile designs compiled by S. Takahashi

Paper folding and modelling by Aart van Breda

Los milagros en metal y en cera de Puerto Rico by Teodoro Vidal

Wood Type from William H. Page and Company


Remember that these books are just the tip of the handicraft iceberg here at the Library. Don't hesitate to ask if you want help in finding particular materials. And also, please let me know if you have specific requests for future classes and programs. I'm always looking for ways to match your interests so don't be shy! Thanks again! And if you didn't make it to Friday's class but would be interested in future classes, stay tuned because our next season's schedule will be finalized soon.