Advisory Council for the Research Libraries

The New York Public Library has established an Advisory Council for the Research Libraries to provide feedback and share insights on various initiatives, as well as offer their own suggestions for the future of research services provided by NYPL.

The Council will meet periodically at the Library’s 42nd Street building, and will discuss updates and plans for research services offered to the public across the system.

Membership or participation in the Council does not imply endorsement of the Library's policies, decisions, or activities.

Current members:

Thomas Bender, New York University
Elizabeth Blackmar, Columbia University
Linda Colley, Princeton University
Cathy Davidson, CUNY Graduate Center
Julia Foulkes, The New School
Farah Griffin, Columbia University
Stephen Kotkin, Princeton University
Uday Mehta, CUNY Graduate Center
David Nasaw, CUNY Graduate Center
Carla Peterson, University of Maryland
Jean Strouse, The Cullman Center and Independent Scholar
Annalyn Swan, Independent Scholar
Sally Webster, CUNY Graduate Center Emerita