NYPL Recommendations

A listing of book lists created just for you by our librarians. Also check out our regular Staff Picks, and subscribe to the Biblio File blog and biweekly podcast.

Award-Winning Manga 2: Shojo Category

Shōjo manga are Japanese comic books aimed at a young, female audience. Teenagers are typically the target demographic, but really these titles are accessible to anyone.

These Sci Fic & Fantasy Audiobooks Will Take Middle Grade Readers to New Worlds

Have a seat and listen to these stories that will take you on an adventure.

Award-Winning Manga 1: General Category

Trying to sift through the staggering amount of manga currently available can seem very daunting. Fortunately, a multitude of international committees have taken over the task for us.

The Finer Things Club: Classic Literature by Authors of Color

Why not take some time to reconnect with friends over a juicy novel and savory meal, even if you have to do it virtually?

Fairytales, Fables and Folklore: E-Audiobooks to Enjoy

Considering these stories started as oral tradition, it seems fitting to enjoy them as audiobooks.

Walking in the City (From Home)

When weather, distance, global pandemics, or circumstances make getting out difficult, try taking a walk through the city in a book.

Summer Reading Is For Adults, Too

No matter your plans, here are some books that scream summer vacation.

A Manhattanhenge Reading List

Manhattanhenge is coming, and we’ve made a reading list to celebrate!

Never-Ending Stories: High Fantasy Epic Sagas

If you're looking for a lengthy fantasy series to really sink your teeth into, then find a comfy chair, pour yourself a hot mug of your favorite brew, and get ready to get lost in worlds unknown!

Hallmarks of Fantasy: A Brief History of the Genre

The history of fantasy is as old as humanity itself.

Books To Make That 30 Minute Independent Reading Time Fly By

Keep them reading well past their required time.

Middle Grade Fiction You Can Read at Home

Great reads available in e-book format from the Library.

Adventure Stories for Kids Who Feel Cooped Up at Home

Check out these five adventure stories to transport your child on a quest around the world.

Perfect Stay At Home Books to Fuel a Hobby or Project

NYPL staffers are using these books to help with home improvements, self-improvements, cooking, crafting and much more.

Escape Reality and Earth with These E-Reads

Classic science fiction to discover or re-discover.

A Few Great Middle Grade Fiction Reads

All currently available for e-checkout.

Audio Books to Try While You Work From Home

Are you missing your designated reading time now that you're not commuting to work?

You're Not Alone: Mental Health Reads

Great books remind us that we’re not alone in challenging times.