Reserving a Computer

The New York Public Library offers free access to the Internet as well as a variety of desktop publishing programs & other software applications. A valid library card is required to use a computer in any New York Public Library location.  Cardholders are expected to adhere to The New York Public Library's Guidelines for Reserving a Computer at the bottom of this page.

Making Appointments
Patrons can make an appointment to use public computers in person, online or by phone. Some locations have express computers available to use for 15 minutes. These are available on a first come first served basis.

Make an appointment online:

By phone: Call the branch you wish to make an appointment at and staff will assist you. 

  • Patrons may make only one appointment per day at any NYPL location. 
  • You need a library card in order to make an appointment.

When You Visit

  • Patrons may only log in at their appointment time. From the time an appointment starts, patrons have 5 minutes to log on to their assigned computer before the reservation is canceled.
  • You will need your library card number and PIN/ Password to log in.
  • Computer sessions are 45 minutes long.

Please follow all posted signs and instructions from staff when using the public computers.​

Additional Information

All sessions end 15 minutes before closing time.


  • The printing fee is .20 a page.
  • Where PCs are available for public use, The New York Public Library also offers access to laser printers for computer users. 
  • Only paper provided by the Library is to be used in library printers. 
  • Documents sent to RPM Stations will remain available for printing for up to two hours after they have been sent. 

Guidelines for Reserving a Computer

  • Users must conform to the policies stated here, The New York Public Library's General Rules and Regulations and Policy on Public Use of the Internet when using Library computers.
  • New York Public Library cards are non-transferable. Users must use their own library card to register for an assigned session. The use of a friend or family member's library card is not permitted and may result in the suspension of computer privileges. Your Library card entitles you to one session per day, on a first come, first served, basis. Your PIN/ Password must also be provided to make a reservation.
  • Headphones are required for listening to any resource with an audio component. Users must supply their own headphones.
  • Children and young adult users have priority over adults to computers designated for children and young adults. At their discretion, staff may allow adults temporary access to these computers. However, if a child or young adult user needs to use a computer, the adult’s session may not be possible to reschedule on another computer.
  • Privacy screens applied to Library computers are not to be removed at any time. Adults using computers designated for children and teens must adhere to rules regarding computer use by children and teens.
  • Internet and database users must perform their own searches;
  • All print jobs must be collected prior to the Library’s closing time. Only paper provided by the Library is to be used in Library printers.
  • Users may leave an unattended computer “locked” for 10 minutes. If a user does not return within 10 minutes, the computer may be made available to another user.
  • Two onscreen warnings will appear prior to the end of your computer session. Failure to comply with these warnings will result in the loss of your work.
  • A USB-ready memory device.
  • At the end of each session, patrons must leave the computer promptly so it can be made available to the next user.
  • The last computer session of the day ends 15 minutes before The Library closes.
  • The New York Public Library is not responsible for time or data lost due to computer failure.